Energizer Lithium Polymer jump-start pack


Lithium Polymer jump-start pack


Compact yet powerful, the Energizer Lithium-Polymer jump starter works on vehicles up to 2.0L Petrol or 1.6L Diesel engines, delivering several full power jump-starts per charge.

It also features a useful 2.1 amp USB OUT port suitable for powering or reviving most USB devices including Smartphones, tablets and the power hungry iPhone, iPad and iPod.

The device features a 12V USB charger and charger cable enabling you to charge the unit in your vehicle when battery life is low. In addition, it can be recharged using your household mains supply via the supplied charger cable with a mobile or similar USB charger and you can check the charging progress using the four-LED display, which also count down as the pack’s power goes down.

Another handy feature; whether you need light to jump-start your vehicle, change a tyre, or inspect an engine, the built-in ultra-bright white LED torch has you covered.