Paint protection kit fitting

My paint protection kit fitting service is intended to take the stress and hassle out of what can potentially be a very frustrating and time-consuming job.

I can supply and fit pre-cut kits from both VentureShield and Eazi-Guard or fit bike manufacturer’s own kits (which are usually more expensive re-branded VentureShield kits anyway).

You can come in to me here in Newbury, Berkshire, or I can go out to your home or place of work (see below for mobile requirements).

What you get – Paint protection

These kits are made from a urethane film which is die cut into patterns to match the shape of your bike’s bodywork.

kit illustration for webThey are designed to protect the areas of your motorcycle’s bodywork most vulnerable to damage from stone chips, environmental elements and other minor abrasions. The unique properties of these films enable them to disperse the impact energy of gravel and small stones, bouncing them off and leaving your bodywork untouched beneath. The more extensive kits also protect against knee-rubbing damage on tanks and boot scuffs on tail sections and factory-fit panniers.

v-shield keyOnce the protective membrane is properly applied to your bike, it is virtually invisible. It doesn’t go yellow with age and lets sun light pass straight through, so you won’t get oddly faded parts on your bike, all areas of paintwork will age equally. It can pay for itself within a few years on a new bike by preventing depreciation caused by the damage to paintwork and head light lenses that can easily be accumulated from regular riding.

These films have been around for a couple of decades now and have been tested and approved by various auto manufacturers from around the world including Ford, Nissan, Mercedes and Ferrari. Here’s a video, which, although it shows the coating fitted to a car, explains the concept well.

Important! – what you don’t get:

  • I specialise in bikes only and do not fit film to cars.
  • I do not offer a vinyl wrapping service, which is a specialised skill in itself.

Price examples:

Each bike’s kit is different, depending on its size and shape, so prices vary. You can chose to have the full kit, or just the petrol tank kit. Damaged panels can be replaced individually so there’s no need to buy an entire kit again.

Labour :

  • Labour will be charged at £35 per hour

Full kits:

  • Huge tourer £180 plus 6 hours fitting approx
  • Large tourer £120 plus 5 hours fitting approx
  • Sportsbike £90 plus 4.5 hours fitting approx
  • Half faired £70 plus 3 hours fitting approx
  • Naked £55 plus 2 hours fitting approx

Tank kits:

  • £35 plus 1 hour fitting approx

Please be aware:

Any kits that I supply are made to order especially for your bike and cannot be returned, so I can’t offer a refund if you change your mind, the kit is yours to keep or sell on as you choose. Payment for the kit (without fitting) is requested up-front before I order anything and I will need at least five working days to have a kit delivered.

Mobile kit-fitting requirements:

  • This is NOT a job that can be done outside! I will need a clean, dry, very well-lit work space no smaller than an empty single garage that can be closed off from the weather.
  • Because of the nature of the film, it is best applied in the warm, ideally no lower than 13 degrees C. Otherwise it may not be flexible enough to fully conform to the shape of the bike.
  • I will not work in a garage or workshop that has a live wasps nest in it


  • Have a full kit fitted in conjunction with an Anti-Corrosion Valet and receive a 5% discount on the valet.

Enquire or book your bike in

Use my paint protection contact form to let me know the make, model and production year of your bike so I can give you more accurate details of what’s available and what it will cost.

It’s easy to make your booking for a paint protection kit fitting or my other services. Use the booking calendar and pay your deposit.

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