About Shiny Bike Syndrome

As a bike owner myself I know only too well the hammering a motorcycle gets from being ridden on British roads – and that’s why I set up Shiny Bike Syndrome.

My partner and I are both bikers who have spent years searching for ways to stop our bikes suffering due to the worst incidents and accidents that British riding can throw at them, from corroded nuts and bolts to punctures to crashes.

In 2009 I decided to share our discoveries and techniques for protecting bikes and turn it into a business serving Berkshire and the M4 corridor, although I often find myself visiting customers within a 100 mile radius of my HQ here in Newbury, occasionally even further!

Why Shiny Bike Syndrome?

It comes from the valeting… Whenever someone brings their bike in for me to work my magic on, I know that they will soon be struck down with a text book case of Shiny Bike Syndrome.

Each time I hand back someone’s freshly oiled and buffed pride and joy I wait for the reaction. Sometimes it’s cool appreciation, sometimes it’s slack-jawed gaping astonishment, but it’s always there.

Next comes the pacing back and forth, walking around their bike a couple of times, taking it all in, re-living the time when they first met.

Then the words: “I don’t want to ride it now, it’ll get all dirty again.” And there it is, full-on Shiny Bike Syndrome. Ironic really, as once my work’s done, your bike will never have been better protected against the elements!

Customer reviews

I have many satisfied customers, but don’t take my word for it – see my great reviews on the FreeIndex directory. You can also leave reviews yourself. It’s good to know that you’re happy with the work carried out, but it’s also important to know if I can improve the service in any way.

For examples of what I’m capable of have a look at my Shiny Bike photo gallery.